Recruitment Services

Recruitment Website Design & Web Development,SEO.Get started with your own GDPR ready, secure recruitment website.
Give your new project the fastest and most secure recruitment platform as its firm footing to give your business the best chance of success.


First Class Security

Our technology stack and infrastructure position us uniqely to provide security of the highest level. Our top two priorities are performance and security and we never compromise on either for anything. When you sign up with us we purchase and install your first SSL certificate free of charge. SSL certificates are integral to maintaining secure communications between your users and your website as they encrypt the traffic in transit and prevent data sniffing based attacks. On our infrastructure your data and control panels are secured using state of the art security protocols, you do not have to worry about taking care of any security procedures as we the experts take care of everything for you.

Mobile First Design

Our recruitment website designs are beautifully crafted to scale on mobile devices. With over 74% of candidates searching for jobs on their smartphone or tablet, mobile devices account for a staggering one fifth of web traffic. At Nodex mobile friendly design is not just and afterthought, it's part of our core design. We adopt an industry smashing mobile first approach to our unique custom built themes so you can be confident that your website will look great on all devices large or small and not look like a cheap free template with some colors changed around! Your recruitment website design is the public face of your online recrutiment company and for many the first time they will see your brand.


Social Media Data + Microdata

Our recruitment websites are heavily optimised for social media sharing; your jobs and pages will look stunning on the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and many more. Backing this up we have Rich Snippets which describe your jobs and pages for display on sites like Google for jobs.

Mobile Optimised

Beautiful websites built to work on all devices with an optimised user-experience as part of your mobile friendly recruitment website design. Your rankings will also gain a bump due to several recent updates to the Google algorhythms which favour mobile friendly websites.